White Balance

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The White Balance Lesson is very straightforward and easy to understand. Ultimately, we want our students to understand what White Balance is, how to set it on the camera, and remember to also set and check the White Balance settings for any and every video production project, big or small. In addition, it’s OK to explain to students when using a specific white balance setting, for an artistic reason in a video. Finally, students will be required to understand the kelvin scale as it relates to white balance as well.

Understanding: This lesson focuses on teaching students the white balance settings within the camera, and the importance of white balance. Objectives

  • Students should be able to identify the 8 white balance settings
  • Students should understand how to set the white balance on a dslr camera
  • Students should understand the importance of white balance.
  • Students should understand the K-Scale chart as it relates to color temperature

Review: There are digital and print materials for student review of White Balance. This includes key terms, which students should document within their notebooks, white balance in-class exercises, presentation videos, Kelvin and White Balance Setting printable sheets.

Review sheets can be found at under the ‘Worksheets’ or ‘Review Links’ tab.

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