Lens Types

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Lens Types is a very brief lesson, however still important. Students should gain inside knowledge to different types of camera lenses and the reason different types are used for various video production projects. In addition, when talking about lens types, it should be demonstrated to students how to attach and detach a camera lens from a dslr camera.

Understanding: This lesson focuses on teaching students various lens types of dslr cameras and why they are used.


  • Students should be able to demonstrate how to detach the lens from a dslr camera
  • Should be able to identify the most common lens types
  • Should understand the reason for a camera lens

Review: Due to this lesson being brief, a key terms vocabulary sheet and a review questions worksheet are available. Students can document their vocabulary words within their notebooks, and review questions can be answered together as a class, or the questions can be displayed on the project and students can write the answers.
Review sheets can be found at under the ‘Worksheets’ or ‘Review Links’ tab.

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