The Exposure Triangle

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The Exposure Triangle consists of a three-part lesson, Aperture, ISO, and Shutter Speed. These lessons can at times be overwhelming, even for a seasoned videographer, so take your time when introducing each of these lessons and make sure to reinforce to students the connection of these three lessons, as they are part of the exposure triangle.

*When teaching the exposure triangle, we want students to understand how to film in certain conditions if lighting conditions are poor. We want them to understand to first, check the aperture to ensure the lens eye is opened wide enough to let enough light in. Next check the shutter speed, as shutter speed can also help control light within the camera, however, help students to understand there are standards to use in shutter speed. Lastly, checking the ISO, if Aperture and Shutter speeds can no longer be adjusted and the environment still doesn’t have enough light, help students understand how ISO can change how light enters the camera, but it comes with a loss of video quality and video grain.

Understanding: This lesson plan focuses on the 3 tier ways of controlling light or “exposure” within the camera itself, and the importance of exposure, to ensure optimal and crisp video quality


    • Students should have the understand the meaning of “exposure”, “underexposed, and “overexposed”
    • Students should demonstrate their knowledge of Aperture as it relates to f-stops, depth of field, and light
    • Students should demonstrate their knowledge of ISO as it relates to video noise and quality
    • Students should demonstrate their knowledge of Shutter Speed as it relates to “Motion Blur” and “Motion Freeze”
  • Students should be able to compare and contrast the 3 tiers within the exposure triangle

Review: Below are resources to understanding the Exposure Triangle, please review. For students, below are websites to fun interactive simulators

For Trainers
How to correctly expose video (ISO, aperture, shutter speed)
How to Use Shutter Speed, Aperture and ISO For Video
For Students | Exposure Triangle Interactive Games

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